Cyber Security Degree Requirements and Careers

Cyber security degrees help prepare students for careers in cyber security. Find degree programs and learn about salaries for cyber security specialists. Once a specialty only associated with government agencies and defense contractors, cyber security has now entered the mainstream. Industries such as health care, finance, manufacturing and retail all hire cyber security professionals to … Read more

Top 12 Cybersecurity Training Courses for Your Employees

Despite all the advances in cybersecurity tools, employees remain the weak link in organizations’ digital armor. Fortunately, cybersecurity awareness training programs have grown in both number and sophistication, giving businesses a better chance to keep a single phishing email or malicious link from turning into a crippling cyberattack. With so many options available, it can … Read more

7 Best Cybersecurity Courses Online for Beginners

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Looking to secure your company’s digital assets or considering a career in cybersecurity? We reveal the best online cybersecurity courses for beginners to help get you started. Cybersecurity is one of the most pressing issues affecting businesses and consumers. Year after year, the number of cyberattacks, malware, ransomware, data theft, fraud, and identity theft continue … Read more